Offered For Sale
Mesa Boogie Custom Rig$ 1650.00
Mesa Boogie Formula Preamp—all-tube preamp with three channels and switchable EQ (so a lot like having six channels). Stereo effects loop with variable saturation, record outs and footswitch with 20’ cable. Worth $500.00

Mesa Boogie 50/50 power amplifier—all tube, can be set at half-wattage (more than I’ve ever needed) and headroom to spare (I used this power amp for the rig when I ran both my guitar and keyboard rig through the setup; never heard a bit of distortion on the grand piano). Worth $500.00

TC Electronics G-Major stereo effects processor with Tech-21 Midi-Moose controller with 20’ MIDI cable, plus extended power supply (20’). Worth $250

Avatar 2X12” Stereo speaker cabinet (can be modded to mono if desired) with open back (half-back panel is removable and can be replaced with full-closed panel, which is included). Loaded with 2 EVM 12L 200W drivers. Includes slip cover. Worth $400

I’m flexible on the pricing-and I’ll make a package deal if anyone wants the whole thing.